Speaking of Sake, many people might think of “Dassai”
Isn’t there a lot of people who think like this?
Now, Dassai is a brand that represents sake.
Annual Sales is 138 million yen. And as well as Japan, Dassai have the popularity of the world.


This time, I’d like to tell you about such Dassai !

Products of Dassai

1.Dassai 50 -Junmai Daiginjo- ¥274/100ml

It is the most reasonable price in Dassai.
If you like Sake, you may have drank it once.
Of course, it is made to the ground menu of my SAKE RESTAURANT, and it is one of the most popular product.

Although it is a price that is affordable, there is still a commitment of Asahi Shuzo’s.
The sake rice used in Dassai 50 is called “the best Sake rice”, Yamada Nishiki.
The Taste isclean, fresh taste and a soft and delicate aroma keep an exquisite balance.
The official home page of Dassai express.
I have also drank it.
It is a fruity fragrance that I can feel before I put it in my mouth, and I was fascinated by the refreshing taste.
Dassai 50 is the best to recommend for those who have never drank sake.


2.Dassai 39 -Junmai Daiginjo- ¥369/100ml

This poloshing ratio is higher than the Junmai Daiginjo 50.
The polishing ratio is higher and the price is higher, but I think that it is worth that price.
A beautiful sweetness like the honey that shows when it is in the mouth and Long lingering after swallowing. This is true Junmai Daiginjo.
The taste is similar to the Junmai Daiginjo 50, but the impression of fragrance and taste is stronger than the Junmai Daiginjo 50, and you can enjoy the taste of the Dassai more.


3.Dassai 23 -Junmai Daiginjo – ¥671/100ml 

Dasai 23 has the highest poloshing ratio in Dassai. Sake of this polishing ratio, 23% is not easy in otherblands.
Using Yamada Nishiki, which was polished to the limit of 23%, we challenged the best Junmai Daiginjo. It is sweet like a beautiful honey when it is included in a gorgeous top standing incense and the mouth, and the lingering aftermouth is long lasting though it cuts neatly.
Dassai call Dassai 23 “the best JunmaiDaiginjo”.
It is refreshing as if water, and the taste does not make you feel zatsumi (unfavorable taste in Sake).
The price is also top class in the Dassai, but I want you to drink once.


4.Dassai Beyond ¥4729/100ml

Asahi Shuzo made this with a lot of requests that “Please make Sake of high price”.
What is the price for 8,100 Yen!
The polishing ratio has been not publicized, but I think it is more than Dassai 23 judging from the price.
I have never drank this, but Dassai’s home page express We aimed the Sake quality that is not in common Junmai daiginjo. It has a complex, layered and long afterglow of the taste that is compatible with a beautiful fragrance.
All of Sake lovers may want to drink it once.


5.Dassai 39 -centrifugal separation- ¥520/100ml
6.Dassai 23 -centrifugal separation- ¥1000/100ml

This centrifugal separation series, called “Jousou”, is made without compromising the aroma and taste by using the technique of centrifugation in the work of extracting the mash of squeezed liquor.
Nasty parts like zatsumi are less than normal ones.
In addition, since Dssai 23 centrifugal separation is made by blending the sake squeezed in the normal aperture and squeezed by the centrifugation, the advantage of centrifugation and the taste of rice stand out by the normal aperture are mixed.
By all means, please feel the difference by drinking in conjunction with the usual Dassai 39 and Dassai 23.


Origin of the name “Dassai”

Well, you have learn that there is a lot of kind of Dassai and Dassai is in many restaurants and liquor stores, but do you know the origin of this name?
It might be good to know as one of the topics in the drinking though the majority might be drinking without thinking about it very much.
The company manufacturing Dassai is in Osogoe in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
The kanji of Osogoe is “獺越”.
So, the kanji of Dassai, “獺祭” is taken from this name of the region.
If you talk about this while drinking the Dassai, you may be able to get the impression that you are familiar with Sake.


Intention of Dassai

There are 2 main points I was greatly impressed with the sake making of the Dassai.

  1. Dassai’s Philosophy We brew sake for sipping, not sake for getting drunk, not sake for selling
  2. The combination of the old method and the latest technology


1.Dassai’s Philosophy

This sentence is in the top page of Asahi Shuzo’s website.

“Asahi Shuzo is very fond of Sake brewing.
Like a temporary wine,
The world of Ginjo sake is not understood unless you are a Sake master.
It is spoken as though it is difficult to understand.
Absolutely not.
As for truly delicious sake,
It is a delicious thing whoever drank it.
Asahi Shuzo aims to make a truly delicious sake. “

From this sentence, we can imagine the intention of Dassai to make Sake that can make everyone feel delicious.
In fact, as I wrote in the product introduction, Dassai is a delicious drink liquor even for people who are not good at sake.
I think it is cheaper than other brands when I think from the specification of Junmai Daiginjo for the price.

Asahi Shuzo has the goal of putting sake in all the restaurants in the end.
It seems to think to put Sake in the position like wine, which is enjoyed in all over the world.

Sake = The cheapest one is nasty, and the delicious one is too expensive to buy.
There is still this image.
Especially in foreign people, don’t you have this image?
The Dassai has made sake to get rid of that image and to deliver the culture of Japan from the old days to the world.
This idea is similar to SAKE RESTAURANT.
We will continue to have many customers drink Dassai in our store, and We wish we could help Dassai to achieve the idea, I think.

2.Conbination of old method and latest technology

Asahi Shuzo has been using human power and the latest technology according to the process of sake brewing.
I can feel the feelings of Asahi Sake brewing from here.
Let’s look at each step.

Rice Washing

It is stored for more than one month in order to return the appropriate amount of water to rice that has lost moisture by performing rice polishing.
You can see that this part is taking a considerable amount of time.
But the great thing is from here, they wash the rice by hand to make the water content of rice more appropriate.
In fact, this part, washing rice can be done by the machine, but if they are not skilled artisans, they are not able to control the amount of water perfectly.
The washing rice is done by the manpower of three times of the machine work, and the time of sixfold.

Koji Making

It is said that the process of making Koji that controls the fermentation of yeast is the most important in Sake brewing.
So, the Dassai does not cut corners, and they take care of Koji two and a half day.


It is a process called Shikomi, the mixing of sake rice and water, and temperature management is very important here.
In this case, heat is generated when the rice and the water react and fermentation occurs.
It also generates heat by stirring sake rice and water.
In order to control the condition of these two heat, and to keep sake rice at the proper temperature, they are all working with people’s hands.
How accurate is that? 0.1Degrees!
It is a hard work that does not get distracted for a moment.


The final step is to squeeze rice. In this process, changing from the previous process, they use the latest technology.
I mentioned in the product introduction part, they use “centrifuge”.
Of course, not all Dassai use this machine.
Only (5) Dassai and (6) Dassai are made by centrifugation.
By using this technology, there is an advantage that it becomes difficult to come out of uneasy taste because the pressure is not occured as previously described.
However, there is a part that can be called a disadvantage.
The yield becomes bad.
Regardless of this bad point, Dassai use the centrifuge technology only to make more delicious Sake.
I cannot help admiring their passion for Sake brewing.


The four processes introduced now, common to both parts that use the old human-powered parts and the latest technology, what I want to say is that they are trying to make more delicious sake.
They think about the person who drinks Dassai primarily and make an effort as much as possible.
The reason Dassai have gained worldwide popularity is its attitude toward sake brewing.


Finally, please drink Dassai at SAKE RESTAURANT. Some people may say, “I’m tired of drinking the Dassai anymore.” However, if you drink again after reading this article, you may have a different impression.

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