The appeal of Sake I want foreign people to know. 
“Is this really made of rice?” 
“Very fruity for Sake.” 
I felt when I drank this Sake for the first time.


Speaking of sake, for the younger generation of Japan,
“The elder generation and grandparents often drink.”
“Uneasy to drink”
“Hot sake feel the smell of alcohol directly.”

But that’s not true!!
Sake is more fruity and juicy than you think.
There are a lot of Sake of the taste similar to sour and fruit !!


Through this article, I would like to dispel the image of your Sake.



    Conducts of Houou-Biden

    1.Phoenix no filtration Junmai Ginjo Kambashi ¥385/100ml

    Its feature is a gorgeous taste and aroma.
    This name is taken from Mr. Kambashi Fujita, a famous producer of Sake rice.

    The moment you put it in your mouth, it features a gorgeous aroma.
    The aroma is so fruity that you can’t feel it is Sake.
    You will be made to imagine the Melon and Muscat.


    2.Houou-Biden Junmai Daiginjo 50 ¥267/ml

    It is a year-round product of Houou-Biden, using Yamada Nishiki in whole materials.
    It is so popular that it takes few days to sold out.
    It is sake that defeated my impression to Sake.

    When you drink it, the incense like Muscat and Melon covered the nasal passages gently.
    The soft mouthfeel.
    After drinking, the freshness that reminds you of mint remains in your mouth.


    3.Houou-biden Wine-cell ¥289/ml

    It is made by wine-yeast which was given by the winery close to Kobayashi-Shuzo.
    It is a sake that can be said to be the pioneer of sake using wine yeast.
    Fragrant fragrance like the aroma and a flower spread to the mouth.
    You can imagine the spring flower garden.
    But it has a transience that doesn’t insist too much.
    When you include it, peculiar refreshing acidity and umami appear.


    4.Houou-Biden Black Phoenix unfiltered ¥357/100ml

    Black Phoenix is in a special position in Houou-Biden, which is the only one that is shipped once a year.
    It is packed in a magnum bottle of a champagne bottle made by Monterossa from Italy.
    More overwhelming presence than other bottles of sake!!
    I have actually had a bottle of Black Phoenix, but it is very heavy and has a special feeling overflowing from the bottle.
    Please take it in the hand once if you get a chance.
    You must be surprised.
    When you drink it, you feel a vivid and colorful fragrance.
    It is like fresh fruit.
    The flavor is felt like a pineapple.


    5.Houou-Biden Junmai daiginjo “Kissui” ¥300/100ml

    “Kissui” is a kind of Sake rice, and a mutant strain of the”Kameno-o”, which is a rare rice.
    The production of “Kissui” is even less, and it has become a really rare sake rice.
    It smells like peaches and melons.
    I feel like I came to the fruit shop.
    If it is included in the mouth, the quite thick sweetness fills the tongue, and the acidity which feels in that sweetness is more attractive and appears as a umami.
    The aftertaste leaves an impression of refreshing sweetness due to its acidity.


    Being surprised, you might feel like drinking these Sake.
    Almost all the Sake introduced in this article taste and smell like fruits.
    If you like to drink sour or fruit liquor, it may be good to start your Sake Life with Houoou-Biden.
    The image of sake will surely change.
    My friend was also surprised at the fruity of “Houou-Biden”


    The origin of the name “Houou-Biden”

    “Houou” means a Phenix, and “Biden” means a beautiful rice field.

    The Phoenix has landed in the golden rice field?
    It is possible to imagine.
    Sake made in the rice field as Phenix visits.
    There is no reason not to be delicious.

    “Phenix” is inherited from the name of proto type of Houou-Biden, “Phenix Golden Award”
    “Beautiful Rice Field” is quoted from the “Mita village”, where Kobayashi brewer is in.
    “Mita” also means “Beautiful Rice Field”.


    Houou-Biden’s Intention

    The “Houou-Biden” adopts the upper tank method of either “Doat drawing” or “Drop drawing”.
    The upper layer is the task of squeezing the finished mash into the liquor and the liquid.
    Most of the sake is squeezed in the same way as the Daiginjo, and it has the atmosphere of daiginjo in terms of taste and aroma.
    The “Boat drawing” and “Drop drawing” are very time-consuming and troublesome methods.

    “Boat Drawing”

    The way to squeeze the cloth bag that mash into the bucket of the boat t, and squeezing slowly over about two days.
    By this method, it is possible to squeeze Sake without stressing the Sake, it can makea refined sake.

    “Drop Aperture”

    Collect only naturally dripping parts. To use the power of nature, it is possible to take out the original umami without stress at all.


    “Houou-Biden” = Non-stressful sake!! I feel sticking to every drop.

    SAKE RESTAURANT, treat Houou-Biden as a “Special Sake”.
    Because we are stocking each shop, the kind of “Houou-Biden” each shop serves is different.
    Please ask our staff for details.
    Don’t you want to drink the “Phoenix Mida” at SAKE RESTAURANT?
    You will surely become a prisoner of Sake!

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