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How do you do! I’m Shu and working part-time at this SAKE RESTAURANT.

What kind of liquor do you usually drink?
Beer, sour, cocktail, whiskey… There will be a variety of answers.
However, there are only a handful of people who answer “Sake”.
Especially in you, foreign people, I feel that the image of “sake = not good and expensive” is preceded and you avoid drinking Sake.


Incorrect Image

Of course, I’m not saying this kind of thing by guessing.
Because I was one of the young people who once had such an image.
Before working at this sake cost brewery, when I was not used to sake, in the same situation with you, I naturally had a similar image to sake.
It was when I participated in the Sake-tasting of SAKE RESTAURANT and drank the Sake of Kaze-no-Mori for the first time.
The fresh aroma spreads at the moment of drinking, and the taste was sweet and sour, like fruits.

I still remember the impression of the taste which remains strong even after drinking.
I even felt that the sake I had been drinking until that time was not Sake.
I want to spread such impression to many people as wide as I can.
From that experience and desire, I became to like Sake more and more.
Anyway, I want to tell you, reading this article “I want you to come to SAKE RESTAURANT!”.


Drink Sake Cheaply

Of course, there are many shops where you can drink delicious sake.
Especially, such a shop also serves delicious dish, and you can enjoy sake with delicious Japanese food.
To be honest, SAKE RESTAURANT is a chain shop, and the quality of the dish inferior to such a shop by all means.
But I still have reason to want you to drink sake at SAKE RESTAURANT.
This is because you can’t experience to drink Sake “at the wholesale price”.
This experience can only be experienced at SAKE RESTAURANT.


As I mentioned earlier, I feel that many people have an image of “sake = high” in Japan today.
Aren’t you one of them?
Some people may think that sake is something that only a rich drinker can enjoy.
Absolutely not.
Sake has been drunk and loved by a lot of people for a long time.
It is not a liquor that can only be drunk in a luxury shop.
Even if you are not good at alcohol dink, there must be some Sake delicious to drink.
Like beer, sour, cocktail and whisky, Sake is something that should be drunk on a daily basis.


SAKE RESTAURANT is available at wholesale price, in other words, we serve Sake at very reasonable price.
You can drink the same sake at about a half price of other stores.
There is Sake which costs only ¥198 per 100ml.
There are few Sake that cost more than ¥1000.
At all times, We, SAKE RESTAURANT have more than 50 kinds of Sake.
Certainly, there is a sake that suits you.

Currently, SAKE RESTAURANT have 15 shops in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kawasaki.
If you are in Tokyo, you can easily visit us.
Please be relieved even if you have never drunk sake, and the waiter will recommend your first sake with all their heart.
And feel “Sake is so delicious!”.
I want you to have the same experience with me.


True Value of Sake

Sake is a valuable culture that has been born and nurtured in Japan.
It is a historical drink that existed for about 2000 years ago.
Don’t you make sake popular drink like wine, that is loved by all over the world?
For me, recognition that sake is rice wine is strange.
Certainly, sake and wine are similar in making, but sake is sake, and wine is wine.
And as one who works at SAKE RESTAURANT, and as a Japanese, I hope people all over the world drink and love Sake in future.


First of all, I want you, who visit Japan for some reason, to love sake. I want you, who read this article, to drink sake. Please come to the nearest SAKE RESTAURANT.

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